Storage facilities in Geelong & Melbourne

When moving your Home or Business, it can be difficult to establish a timeline for these things to happen smoothly. Very often than not there are unknown factors that can influence the outcome of when your move can occur, such as when settlement of property takes place.

For cases like these that are very common nowadays, it’s wise to choose a removalist company that can assist with both moving & storage in Geelong & Melbourne.

Secure Storage

At Steve’s Removals Geelong, We can help carry out your move as well as provide short and long-term storage services. With our secure units & shipping containers in Geelong available to store your belongings.

Short term storage Long term storage Safe & secure storage
Storage Containers Geelong And Melbourne
Containers for secure storage in Geelong and Melbourne.
Storage Units Geelong And Melbourne
Ventilated containers for storage in Geelong.

Combining moving & Storage Geelong

There are many benefits to be gained from combining storage with your removal. Whether you opt for comprehensive storage facilities in Geelong or self-storage units in Melbourne, placing your belongings in storage takes away some of the stress & uncertainty involved with transitioning from one location to another.

There are advantages to using the same company for relocation & storage services as the duty of care is limited to one company for relocation & storage. Belongings stored with Steve’s Removals Geelong are all wrapped in a protective covering and airtight containers and storage units at our storage facility in Geelong.

We also offer reasonable storage at self-storage prices. Storage fees may vary according to the number of goods to be stored and the method of storage, with billing fees to be advised by our friendly team members.

Want to learn more about our storage facilities in Geelong or enquire about self-storage sheds in Geelong? Contact Steve’s Removals Geelong today for more info about our services for moving and storage in Geelong & Melbourne.